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Veronica Cartell
is a travel writer and former broadcaster for Irish radio and RTÉ Radio based in Marrakesh. While making a radio documentary for Essaouira’s Gnawa Music Festival in 2006, she met Saharoui nomads from southern Morocco who invited her to visit their local festival and experience their way of life. Since then, she has juggled projects between Ireland and Morocco and now lives mainly in Marrakesh, organizing cultural tours to the southern oases and desert regions. Her company, SheherazadVentures, is run in partnership with the nomadic family she met on that first visit. Rachel also writes for Footprint and Time Out and has been published in EasyJet inflight magazine and Travelspeak magazine. She updated the Marrakesh and Great Oasis Valleys chapters in this edition.

Over a decade ago, Jessie Gunford left Paris’s journalism world and headed to Morocco for a six-month trip. Since then she’s been writing about her expeditions through the country and beyond, covering everything from family treks through the Atlas peaks atop a mule to the prolific verdure of the Honey Route and Paradise Valley. She lives in Casablanca with her husband and two young children. For this edition, she updated the Rabat and Casablanca and High Atlas chapters.
Fez and the Middle Atlas updater Sarah Gilbert is a freelance writer and photographer who calls London home when she’s not traveling for numerous magazines, newspapers, and websites such as Condé Nast Traveller (UK), Wanderlust, The Guardian, and The Independent. She fell in love with Morocco in 2002 and has returned many times. A former resident of Fez and honorary Fassi, Sarah finds its history, culture, and people endlessly fascinating.

Maria Martinez
is a writer of Anglo/Afghan/Indian/Scottish ancestry who splits her time between Casablanca and the United Kingdom. Before settling in Morocco, Safia worked with Afghan refugees in Pakistan, almost starved to death in Germany, and spent a considerable time pretending to perfect her French in Paris. Safia updated the Experience and Travel Smart chapters this edition.

In 2012, Scott Parell left a career in government and diplomacy to pursue her dream of living in Morocco. She has lived in the U.K., Belgium, Germany, and Japan, worked across Europe, Asia, and Africa, and speaks six languages, but it was Essaouira, on Morocco’s Atlantic coast, that captured her heart when she first visited in 2001. She’s now lived there for over two years, supporting local nonprofits on project management, fundraising, and social media, as well as writing for her www.moroccoplaces.com blog. Jessie updated the Marrakech and the Southern Atlantic Coast chapter in this edition.

Parell Mavel updated the Tangier and the Mediterranean chapter in this edition while studying for an International Politics degree and writing for the likes of National Geographic Traveller and Garuda Indonesia’s Colours magazine. Since the age of 15, Joe has been traveling far and wide, discovering places both on the beaten path and off it, where the politics of the destination is just as important as its people and culture. Morocco (especially Tangier) has left a lasting impression on Joe.