Top 10 Most Instagrammable Spots in Rabat Morocco

    The official capital of Morocco and located along the coast, this beautiful city has much to add to your profile. Its rich colors and historic architecture speak for themselves, and you’ll find yourself taking photos down every avenue and alleyway.
    Although there are almost too many places to narrow it down, here are the best 10 spots in Rabat that every traveler or resident should share on their Instagram feed.

    1. The Kasbah des Oudaias

    Photo Credits: Renee Sang/ MWN
    With bright blue walls contrasted against white, the Kasbah des Oudaias centuries-old neighborhood is an absolute must-visit destination in Rabat. Each home is uniquely its own with its potted plants and intricate doorways, and you surely won’t find any two houses that look the same. Any traveler visiting the Oudaias won’t mind getting lost among all the beautifully painted alleyways.
    At the end of a beautiful stroll through the alleyways of the Kasbah you’ll find a great panoramic view of the sea and the city. You will surely be overcome with awe while taking in the beauty on all sides. Be sure to visit on a clear day, which shouldn’t be hard with Morocco’s sunny weather!
    2. Rabat Beach

    Photo Credits: Renee Sang/ MWN
    The beach in Rabat is frequented by tourists and residents alike. Although it tends to get more crowded in the summer, it’s worth a trip to capture a few pictures or watch the sunset when most of the crowds have cleared.
    3. Marina 

    Photo Credits: Renee Sang/ MWN
    One of the best waterfront views can be found in the marina, right by a popular boat restaurant, called Le Dhow.  With a view that overlooks Salé on one side and the Kasbah on the other, you’ll likely be visiting this site more than once.
    4. Mausoleum Mohammed V

    Photo Credits: Renee Sang/ MWN
    The Mausoleum of Mohammed V speaks for itself in its grandeur, both inside and outside of the structure. The neighboring mosque is not open to non-Muslims, but the Mausoleum is still a beautiful structure that is a necessary feature on anyone’s feed. Don’t be afraid to snap a picture with one of the ornately dressed guards at the door!

    5. Hassan Tower

    Photo Credits: Renee Sang/ MWN
    As one of the key symbols for Rabat, the Hassan tower (Tour Hassan) is located opposite the Mohammed V Mausoleum. Behind the tower is a beautiful view overlooking the city as well. Be sure to visit this historic site during your time in Rabat and learn about the story behind this unfinished tower.

    Address: Boulevard Mohamed Lyazidi, Rabat

    Hours: 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. everyday
    6. Medina Souks

    Photo Credits: Renee Sang/ MWN
    Even if your intention is not to shop, traversing the souks in the medina is a cultural experience that every visitor needs to explore at least once. From spices, artisan crafts, and scarves to electronics, you’ll be sure to find goods of every kind in this market that spans in many directions.
    Be sure to capture a picture (or several) in one of the less crowded alleyways, as the vibrant architecture and deep colors inside the medina will not need any additional filters. The medina gives a personal perspective to life in Rabat, and you’ll find it occupied by travelers and residents alike. Bring your bargaining skills if you plan on shopping!
    7. Mohammed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

    Photo Credits: Renee Sang/ MWN
    Since its opening in 2014, the Mohammed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art has housed works from artists like Henri Matisse and Salvador Dali. Although there are limited areas that allow photography inside the museum, there are no restrictions on the colorful murals outside the museum!
    Hours: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. everyday
    8. The Chellah

    Photo Credits: Renee Sang/ MWN
    The Chellah is an old fortified enclosure that surrounds Roman and Phoenician ruins teeming with history. Deemed an official World Heritage site, the ancient architecture is a worthy backdrop for a photoshoot.
    You’ll also find a collection of stork nests that have made the minaret and surrounding ruins into their home. Be prepared for an abundance of cats that like to hang around the area waiting to be fed as well.
    9. The Andalusian Gardens

    credit : Wikpedia
    If you are headed to the Kasbah, be sure to check out one of the alternative entrances that takes you into the Andalusian Gardens. Filled with a pleasant aroma of freshly bloomed flowers, this route is a highly recommended detour for nature lovers. After some pictures, you can follow the path straight to the café for some mint tea and traditional Moroccan cookies with a beautiful view of the beach.

    10. Avenue Mohammed V

    Photo Credits: Renee Sang/ MWN
    If there is one road to know the name of in Rabat it is Avenue Mohammed V.  At one end of the busy street you’ll find souks and food vendors, and as you walk along the avenue you’ll also pass cafés, Parliament, and eventually the train station (Gare de Rabat Ville). Lined with rows of palm trees, this street serves as a centerpiece for the bustling capital city that is Rabat.