The Gittering magic of Morocco (in photos)

    There are some places in the world that photos simply fail to capture.
    Morocco is one such place.
    I know that this may come as a surprise to you, given the country’s recent ascension to Instagram fame, but there’s a problem with all the pretty #MoroccoPorn gracing every influencer’s feed: photos fail in every respect to capture the true complexity, challenge and thrill of travelling in Morocco.

    Morocco is a country where one second you can be prancing down a rainbow-coloured alley, then the next colliding front-first with a crazed donkey (true story). Where fresh squeezed orange juice and flavourful spices co-exist with pungent leather tanneries and tree-climbing goats… In this country (a true embodiment of sensory overload), the experience of travelling is as much delightful as it is frustrating, and a sure test of willpower as you attempt to resist the siren’s call of rugs, scarves and whatever goods the souks are peddling.

    And while yes, photos and words can never fully capture the fascinating overwhelm that is Morocco, I suppose with hundreds of photos in my archive, I should at least give it a try

    I hope you enjoy this photography roundup from my two trips to this crazy country – one of my favourites in this world by far.

    Chefchaouen Photos

    Morocco’s famous blue city… I mean does this place really require an introduction? Every step here is like entering real life oil painting (or you know, inevitably, another tourist’s Instagram shot).

    Marrakesh Photos

    The city where I got my first taste of Morocco’s sheer insanity (giving rise to a lifelong love affair with mint tea and kefta tagine).

    You haven’t experienced chaos and “busy” until you’ve been to Marrakesh…

    Fes Photos

    The travel cliche of “getting lost” takes on a whole meaning in Fes, with its never-ending labyrinth of souks and alleyways, packed with history, culture and far too many tempting goods…

    Essaouira Photos

    And as insane as Morocco might be at times, you need to remember just how huge and varied this country is. Need an escape? Ride a camel out to the desert or hey, flock to the coast like I did. Essaouira, with all its blue-painted doors and coastal charm, was bliss for my landlocked soul.

    Ouzoud Falls

    When all else fails, there’s always waterfalls to chase… and tagine to inhale.

    … last but not least, the Goat Tree!

    Few sights in my travels have left me as dumbfounded as this moment right here. I had fallen asleep on the bus and woke up to THIS!

    Apparently they love the fruit on these argan trees so much, they climb up to eat it. Wild stuff.

    Source : HappyTowander