22 Photos Of Morocco To Inspire Wanderlust

    Spending one month backpacking the width and breadth of Morocco, we were captivated by the tastes, the sounds and above all else, the magnificent sights of the country. This incredibly diverse North-African nation is home to some stunning sections of coastline, the immense Sahara Desert, the highest peak in North Africa, Berber villages, chaotic cities and landscapes that will make your jaw hit the floor! It’s no wonder that photos of Morocco evoke dream-like Sahara Desert Arabian Nights and Laurence of Arabia vibes.

    Never Put Your Camera Down

    If you want stunning photos of Morocco to take home from your trip, never, ever put your camera away. The light is amazing, the weather is almost always perfect and the scenery is dramatic, alluring and offers contrast like you wouldn’t believe! Travelling through some of Morocco’s most well-trodden destinations like bustling Marrakech, the ancient city of Fez, and Morocco’s premier beach town, Essaouira, we were spoiled with breathtaking views every step of the way.

    Taking the road less travelled, we explored coastal towns like Assilah, hiked to the summit of Jebel Toubkal in dodgy conditions, made our way as far south as Sidi Ifni and Mirleft and tackled trails in the Riff Mountains outside Morocco’s blue city, Chefchaouen in the far north of the country. The Sahara blew our minds, desert villages like Aït-Benhaddou seemed almost pretend and we ate enough Berber Tagine to last us a lifetime!

    Here are 22 of our favourite photos of Morocco that will be etched into our brains for years to come.

    Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca is the largest mosque in Morocco and has the tallest minaret in the world.

    Stitching Balgha, traditional Moroccan leather shoes.

    The Essaouira Ramparts where part of Game Of Thrones was filmed.

    Walking down from the summit of Jebel Toubkal, the highest peak in Morocco and North Africa.

    Fishing boats moored in the port town of Essaouira.

    Cooks hard at work in the Jemaa-el-Fnaa nightly food market.

    Dusk settling in around the Kasbah in Chefchaouen, northern Morocco.

    Local man makes his way across the sands of Essaouira beach – Morocco’s kitesurfing mecca.

    Palm Plantations in Morocco.

    The beautiful blue city of Chefchaouen in the North of Morocco

    Camels chilling on the beach at Essaouira.

    Berber Eggs – one of our favourite dishes in Morocco.

    Asilah’s fortified walls are still intact, protecting it from the Atlantic.

    The stunning Koutoubia Mosque in Marrakesh.

    Local Berber man wandering through the Sahara Desert at Erg Chebbi.

    The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Aït-Benhaddou, a mud brick city on the edge of the High Atlas Mountains where numerous movies have been filmed.

    Donkey carrying packs near Bab Rcif (Rcif Gate) in Fez

    The immense Todgha Gorge, near the town of Tinerhir on the eastern side of the Atlas Mountains.

    Bizarre landscape of central Morocco – an oasis of green surrounded by barren desert.

    Cats playing shadow games against in Chefchaouen – Morocco’s Blue City

    A man washing before prayer at Qaraouine Mosque in Fez.

    Clay tagine pots dry in the sun somewhere in Morocco

    Source : WanderinGo